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Secrets of Kazakhstan’s safety record

On Thursday 27 April 2017 the business came together to reaffirm our Incident-Free commitment. No matter where we work and what we do – safety is at the heart of our operations.

Maersk Oil Kazakhstan recorded zero high potential incidents and zero recordable injuries throughout the first quarter of this year. What are the secrets of this success story?

This year each business unit organised its own local ‘town hall’ meeting and other engagement activities, focused around the theme ‘We are all Safety Leaders’. The aim was to reflect on how we can all be better safety leaders tomorrow than we are today.


Global Safety Day was also a great opportunity to celebrate our Incident-Free journey and the progress we continue to make in driving our safety and operational performance. Senior figures in the business hosted town hall meetings and joined a global webcast to discuss safety leadership and what it means to them.


Chief Operating Officer Martin Rune Pedersen commented: “My MOET colleagues were demonstrating safety leadership in action by being in the frontline of participating in local engagement and encouraging everyone to discuss how we can continue to improve and reinforce the safety culture. By walking the talk they recognised that safety requires constant vigilance and continuous work.”


As well as the town hall meetings, throughout Maersk Oil a variety of events took place on Global Safety Day. Both onshore and offshore, we held smaller team sessions to encourage focused discussions and to emphasise the importance of safety leadership in all functions and at all levels of the organisation.

“These results are really encouraging,” says Aidyngali Tyshkanbayev, Head of HSE. ‘They demonstrate that by continuing to work hard at embedding Control of Work and the Process Safety Framework, we are supporting our employees and contractors better – and the results speak volumes.


“Road safety was a particular focus area for us, and we have taken a number of steps, including reducing the total number of journeys, and placed enhanced controls on unplanned trips.”


Simple steps have also paid dividends, such as making sure employees and contractors have properly maintained equipment and are trained to do their job, combined with more frequent leadership site visits, allowing more advanced safety conversations with frontline workers and contractors.


Phil Cunningham, MOK Managing Director, explains: “The senior leadership team have instituted a more rigorous and just culture around the way we investigate breaches and potential breaches of the Incident-Free Life Saving Rules. This has resulted in a significant reduction of breach cases on a month-by-month basis.


“The road safety campaign, combined with a lot of hard work and effort from the HSE community, has resulted in a really good performance, and it feels good.”

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