How was it working for Maersk Oil in the beginning?
I was one of the few people transferring from the previous operator of Block 16 to Maersk Oil when it took over the operatorship from Canadian Natural Resource Angola. The country was new to Maersk Oil and it is never easy to enter a place where you haven’t worked before. So in the beginning it was very difficult for all of us. For me to know all the internal processes in Maersk Oil and for the organisation to get our processes to fit with the country’s procedures. What has changed in the past seven years in Maersk Oil? Maersk Oil has moved a lot in the past seven years. On the operational front we now have a large development project, Chissonga, in the pipeline and this requires a lot of new knowledge. Before that we drilled four exploration wells on Block 16. These four exploration wells and one well on Block 23 Azul well were all carried out without a proper logistics home base but we all did our best to make things happen without down time. We have gotten to know the country better and the country has also changed and developed the past seven years. But it is a different reality now. If Maersk Oil only had the tasks we had seven years ago, it might be a simpler job, but the tasks are constantly changing and this is also what makes Maersk Oil an interesting place to work. What makes Maersk Oil a good company for you as an employee?
Maersk Oil is a demanding company with many deadlines and tasks every day. I really like that. On top of that, it also provides many opportunities to develop. I have for example been on a six-month training placement in Esbjerg in Denmark and learned from logistic functions in the Danish Business Unit. This was a very valuable experience that I can take with me in my job in Angola. How do you see the Angolan oil industry in the coming years?
The oil industry in Angola is booming. I believe that the industry can help the whole of Angola a lot in the coming decades. The potential is enormous and I would like to help getting that potential out. What do you do when you are not at work?
My hobbies are running and swimming which I do every week. I also like going out on Fridays as it is man´s day. Friday, is a special night where Angolan men go out with their friends. I also like staying in with my kids and having a good time while I’m travelling.