The next four to six years, the vessel Blue Orca will be instrumental in helping to increase the oil and gas production from the Danish North Sea. Blue Orca is a purpose-built vessel which will be used in Maersk Oil’s Danish business endeavours to raise the production from mature fields in the Danish North Sea. The vessel, recently commissioned in Port Fourchon, Louisiana in the United States, has completed her 9200 kilometres maiden voyage to Esbjerg. “Blue Orca is purpose-built for Maersk Oil’s requirements and for the harsh weather conditions in the North Sea,” says Lars Seidler, Head of the Dan and Gorm fields. As the fields in the Danish sector of the North Sea mature, oil and gas recovery from the subsurface becomes increasingly difficult; hence, optimisation of existing technologies and new technologies, for example stimulation vessels like Blue Orca, become necessary in order to increase recovery. “We use various technologies for maximising the oil and gas production from fields in the Danish North Sea. The new stimulation vessel will be included in that,” says Lars Seidler. How does the Blue Orca work? During operation, the vessel is connected to one of the wells on existing platforms with a high pressure hose and by means of a powerful pumping system on board, liquid is pumped from the vessel’s tanks into the subterranean well. This liquid cleans up the well and reservoir allowing for increased oil and gas production from the well.