January is a good time to take stock of the hard work put in over the past year and at the same time look forward to how we can build on that effort to safely deliver on our plans in the year ahead. 2014 presents exciting opportunities for us, and I’m confident it will be a year in which our reputation as both an onshore and an offshore operator will grow as our efforts to shape our business are converted into execution and delivery. 2013 marked a watershed in many ways for Maersk Oil’s onshore capabilities and shared focus on maturing our project portfolio towards an entitlement production of 400,000 bpd. In Kazakhstan, we have drilled 57 wells as part of our Dunga field development plan, and have brought down the average time taken to drill each well to just 14 days, including rig moves. In 2014 two new production lines will enable a significant increase in output from Dunga, and El Merk in Algeria, the ramp up of which has been constrained by engineering and construction delays, will reach its full potential. Add to this our strategic commitment to Kurdistan, and it is clear that we are closing out 2013 with a portfolio of onshore depth and breadth much stronger than ever before. Recent highlights for offshore include the submission of the Chissonga field development plan in Angola, and the Flyndre and Cawdor fields in the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea. Having the Gryphon FPSO back onstream in the UK, and completing the first of 51 new wells of the Al Shaheen field development plan 2012 in Qatar have also been notable successes. The TriGen team have been busy working through a raft of feasibility studies and converting interest on five continents into discussions with resource holders and relevant authorities around the world, more of which you can read about in this edition of the Source. Sharpening our operational focus and placing a greater emphasis on delivery, across exploration, development projects and converting our Incident-Free mindset into more sustainable results is a great, and simplified set of priorities to begin the year with. It is time for much of the great work on building global process and infrastructure to be converted into my mantra for the year. Simply put we need to find it, build it, and run it safely. Jakob Thomasen