How did you end up in Qatar?

After having worked as an Assistant Shift Manager on a petrochemical plant in the Philippines, I applied for a job with Team Energy to work abroad. Living and working in the Philippines isn’t always easy, and I wanted to fulfill my dream of being able to afford my own house and secure a better life for my family.


I first joined Maersk Oil Qatar as a Central Control Room operator assigned to the A-location. Since then I have worked in various positions on both day- and night-shift on G, D and F-locations. And now I’m back on A-location!


What is it like working offshore?

Working offshore is a very different life-style. You’re away from your family and miss out on important occasions back home in the Philippines. But with new technology I can still see and chat to my kids every night and guide them as a father.

Working here allows me to meet people from all over the world! I like it when we get together or just hang out, like when we had a balloon-blowing contest on New Year’s Eve. When we have the time in the evenings, sometimes we get together in the music room and jam on the instruments.


What does being Incident-Free mean to you?

Incident-Free is the most important thing out here. You need to be alert at all times and have safety as the top priority in everything you do. It starts the moment you take off with the helicopter to go out on the field, until you’re back home. But it is the same for all of us out here and it is what ties us together – and makes us work hard on doing things right.


What are you doing when you are not working?

When I’m back home on vacation I spend a lot of time with my family – and I’m a member of the ‘Knights of Colombus’ which is a church-based organisation where we help in the local community with things such as free medical and dental check-ups and a food programme for malnourished children.


Since last year, I’ve organised a basketball game with my colleagues from the other locations here in the Al Shaheen Field. We have divided into two teams and on every vacation when I am back in the Philippines, I try to set-up a friendly game between the teams, with whoever is also home. I rent a basketball court with an official referee, and a small restaurant close by arranges some food for us. So together with my wife and the other families, we have a great time and get together over dinner after the game. By doing that, we are able to meet and get to know each other better - and share stories from the different locations at work.


What has inspired you most in Maersk Oil?

Incident-Free – that safety is our number one priority always. It is like home, we are a family, taking care of each other.