Two years ago, Maersk Oil initiated activities on social media. Today, the company has a strong presence across key channels that support business objectives. From the outset, the digital team had a sharp strategy with specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for each channel and a determined focus on relevant, engaging content. "Every post must have a purpose,"  says Tina Hentley, Digital Communications Manager, responsible for the strategy.

At the end of last year, a digital review showed that the strategy was paying off. Maersk Oil had outstripped peers and was in the top three on a number of metrics: engagement, influence, sentiment and following. The impact of this effort can be seen in the rise in Maersk Oil’s talent brand index to 36% on LinkedIn (see bar chart), placing us as the leading employer of choice in our peer group. This channel has become an increasingly important source for recruitment allowing us to save costs by eliminating a myriad of sourcing agents and realising investment returns. This contributes innovative thinking to support cost transformation.

The social media strategy has a particular emphasis on rich media². The global communications team is encouraged to spend time on creating visual content, such as short videos, which are filmed regularly to feed the social media content pipeline. A recent news release on production start up on Tyra SE in the Danish North Sea, was accompanied by a video and photo gallery.

The visuals gave the content a competitive advantage as it stood out, caught the attention of audiences worldwide and was a useful asset for influential industry voices who tweeted and shared the visuals readily. One commentator  even praised Maersk Oil for its use of video.


²Rich Media refers to the utilisation of technologies to enhance a recipient’s experience e.g. videos, apps, interactive infographics

The video was worth the effort! There were several thousand views within 24 hours and hundreds watched the entire video. The visual posts were retweeted by key industry influencers and shared widely among target audiences.

The development of Maersk Oil's newest platform for the North Sea, namely Tyra Southeast, weighing 4,700 tons. This platform has estimated to add 50 million barrels over the next 30 years, of which half will be oil and half will be gas. Continuation in investment through development of 12 wells will contribute towards Denmark's energy supply as well as its economy.

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