BY Cecilia Bang

It’s taken continuous effort, superb teamwork and laser - like focus to achieve an impressive Incident-Free year and more on Tyra East, in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

400 days Incident-Free is a real feat that deserves celebration – the result of dedicated individuals and collaborative teams stepping up and taking real responsibility for frontline safety. This important milestone is testament to Maersk Oil’s continuous efforts to promote, focus on, and maintain a safety mind-set. An Incident-Free working environment and culture has become truly embedded on Tyra East.


A major part of the entire process is individuals taking responsibility and being assertive enough to challenge each other constantly to see safety from different angles.


“There’s no doubt that our safety mind-set and culture on Tyra East is embraced and taken very seriously by everyone,” says Rasmus Nielsen, a Production Technician on Tyra East. “Newcomers and those working here for more than 15 years have the same open and honest view about Constant Care.


“We are all 250 kilometres away from our families, which naturally means we all participate in looking out for and trusting one another.”

How does cross-team collaboration have an Incident-Free impact on Tyra East? Rasmus Nielsen provides answers.


It’s no secret how the crew on Tyra East achieved an Incident-Free year. Kenneth Thiim, Tyra Asset Operations Manager, explains:


“I am very proud of the Tyra East crew. They have all taken the responsibility for their own and others’ wellbeing across teams, and demonstrated exactly the safety mind-set we would like to see – a true Incident-Free mentality where

everybody contributes to make the workplace safe, through ownership and openness about the daily challenges they face.”

Responsibilities among and across teams have been clarified by an additional safety initiative on the platform: the creation of a volunteer Incident-Free Ambassador programme. An important benefit of the programme is that it has also brought people closer together.


“Everyone helps and trusts everyone,” says Jens Peter Jeppesen, Painter Foreman on Tyra East. “It doesn’t matter which team you belong to since everyone is interlinked with their responsibilities as part of a whole. That’s why a small team has taken the next step as colleagues, but also safety advocates, to be present everyday on the worksite.

“We discuss any queries, concerns, or just chat with our other colleagues to ensure that we are all 100% focused during working hours on our tasks.”


The crew tested and evaluated ways to spot early any barriers and bottlenecks that got in the way of safe and efficient activities and processes. Once the barriers had been identified, mitigation plans followed, and have played a major role in the Incident-Free achievement.


For example, the projects, maintenance activities and other initiatives carried out on the Tyra East platform satellites this summer were initially reviewed and assessed in 2015. Such early involvement, and the reviews and assessments it produced, resulted in safe execution without any last minute firefighting, according to Thiim.


A further piece of the puzzle is a Permit Coordinator, keeping continuous watch over activities on the platform and acting as an additional reminder of Maersk Oil’s eight Life Saving Rules.


“Our saying is: your first doubt always justifies taking a step back. Encouraging people to intervene if they observe something unsafe gets everyone more and more used to this difficult task,” says John Clausen, Maintenance Technician on Tyra East.



It’s clear that the commitments and initiatives from Maersk Oil’s Five-Year Process Safety Plans have improved safety offshore. Combined with increased efforts to embed the Incident-Free mind-set within the crew on Tyra East, they have been the key drivers towards reaching a year without incident.


But maintaining this good run won’t just happen by itself. Identifying and preventing hazards has to be the top priority before any activity takes place.


“We are all proud of this milestone that we have reached together, and it deserves celebration,” concludes Torsten Rabjerg. “If you had asked people out here 4 or 5 years ago, it would have been hard to imagine an Incident-Free year – now I hear people’s excitement and drive to achieve another year without any incidents or High Potential Incidents.”

Maersk Oil - Tyra East Platform Supervisor, Torn Rabjerg, on Incident-Free Achievements.

Jens Peter Jeppesen

Kenneth Thiim

John Guntoft Clausen

Rasmus Brink Nielsen

Torsten Rabjerg