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Sanctioned last year, Culzean is Maersk Oil’s marquee development in the UK North Sea right now. At peak production, early in the 2020s, it will deliver 5% of the UK’s gas needs.


Culzean is a high pressure, high temperature development, with temperatures in the gas reservoir around those of a pizza oven and pressure 500 times that of a typical car tyre.


The capital cost of delivering Culzean is around US$4 billion – US$500 million lower than at the time of sanction in 2014, because of highly effective project planning and efficient drilling. That figure represents a saving to investors of about 11% of the total forecast cost.

Culzean – the Maersk Oil operated megaproject - continues to make good progress. Watch the video to find out more on the Culzean development’s progress in 2016.