Monika is part of Maersk Oil’s Sprouts network in Esbjerg. Here young employees get together irrespective of what their background, organisational position or nationality. The only requirement is to be under the age of 30. Since the network started in April 2014, it has grown to 85 people who regularly meet, share experiences and socialise.


How did you end up in Esbjerg?

I was hired in Maersk Oil as a MITAS engineer and moved to Esbjerg right after finishing my studies at the University of Southern Denmark in summer 2011.


My first rotation started in Esbjerg as a Production Chemist. Then I travelled to Qatar to work as a Production Engineer and later to Tyra East platform, where I joined the production team as Production Assistant.


My adventure as MITAS finished in September of 2013 and I went back to Esbjerg. Since then I have been working as a Process Engineer in the oil team where I support oil producing assets like Dan/Gorm in daily process troubleshooting and by helping in the improvement of processes offshore, by providing process engineering expertise.


What is your experience as a young non-Dane to live in Esbjerg?

When I moved back to Esbjerg in mid-2013 I was warmly welcomed in the department and immediately included in the international community. As I was getting to know the city better I discovered plenty of things to do like kitesurfing, curling, wall climbing and international cooking classes.

How has the Sprout network helped you?

Before Maersk Oil Sprouts started I hadn’t realised that there are so many young people inside the company. Maersk Oil DBU has over 160 people that are below 30 years old! I personally think that it is easier to reach out to people you already know and are your peers, so for me Sprouts is a great idea to enhance networking within the company and ease communication, learning and socialising among the younger employees, often at the beginning of their career.











What do you do when you are not working?

I like physical activity and the company of other people, therefore I often meet my friends in the city, occasionally attend crossfit and kitesurf when the weather allows. I also like good movies and enjoy a good book and knitting.


What has surprised you the most in DBU/Esbjerg?

DBU develops pretty quickly. When I came back to Esbjerg after finishing MITAS, I noticed quite a few new faces in the office and some of the departments have grown substantially. Rotation of people within Maersk Oil has become pretty intense. I found in Esbjerg people I have been working with in Maersk Oil Qatar.