The Gryphon Alpha floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel in the UK North Sea has reached the significant milestone of producing 2 million barrels of oil so far this year.


In total the Gryphon FPSO has now produced more than 7 million barrels, since it was reinstated in May 2013, after a major overhaul.


The Maersk Oil team has worked hard to maximise the return from the available wells, procure replacement spare parts and optimise production.

Although there were numerous challenges involved in reaching this goal, these were overcome by excellent cooperation across all parties involved, from the shipping team ensuring offload tanker availability, the engineering team developing solutions for the FPSO’s midwater arch issues and the HSE department assisting to combine safe drilling and diving operations.

Maersk Oil and its partners in the Dunga Field in Kazakhstan, Oman Oil Company Limited and Partex Corporation, are sponsoring a non-profit organisation IREX to help modernise education in the Aktau area of Kazakhstan.


IREX recently launched a New Education Technology (NET) programme, which will  boost IT skills among students by enhancing teaching resources and improving access to the Internet.

IREX will train at least 150 high school teachers to successfully incorporate technology in their classrooms. The NET programme will also enable teachers to use the internet and social media to increase their own subject knowledge and connect with other educators across the region.

Angolan students turned their back on the hot Angolan summer to spend five weeks in the cold North, attending technical training in Maersk Oil.


Maersk Training in Svendborg, two hours’ drive from Copenhagen, had special visitors in February when 19 Angolan students got an introduction to the oil and gas industry, cross-cultural awareness and Maersk’s values.


The curriculum for one of the weeks was devised specifically to impart drilling expertise, and as a finale to that week, the students’ skills were tested in a drilling simulator.

“The aim of the programme is to increase the awareness of Maersk Oil in Angola. We hope to get 19 ambassadors at Angolan Universities who know what career opportunities the oil industry and Maersk Oil can offer. This is very valuable for us as oil companies in Angola are struggling to attract local talent,” says Victoria Qualia, CSR Manager, Maersk Oil Angola, who initiated the programme.