The Operations Competence Assurance Programme is paying off in the Danish Business Unit.

The Operations Competence Assurance Programme (OCAP) is already receiving praise among colleagues working within the production process and in the control room in Maersk Oil's Danish Business Unit (DBU).


The programme involves observing employees while working and discussing new ways of thinking and doing things. In the DBU, offshore employees welcomed the assessments, acknowledging the value of the concept.

“It has been a very positive experience being introduced to OCAP and to find out what it’s all about. It is a good feeling having the opportunity to demonstrate my proficiency in my job”, says Jens Kjeldgaard, Production Technician on Gorm Platform.


Kasper Laukamp, Control Room Operator on Gorm Platform, is about to receive international certification. He remarks: “OCAP has been a very rewarding process and I’m pleased to get this certification."


"The course taught me new perspectives and philosophies I can use both personally and professionally. My assessor shared different industry approaches related to my work and we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of each.”

International recognition, Operations Excellence ambition

Employees who complete the programme obtain an internationally recognised certificate relevant to their technical specialty.


“As part of Maersk Oil’s larger Operations Excellence programme, OCAP delivers a structured programme to identify gaps and develop the competencies of individuals to address them. It focuses on building confidence and reliability in critical operational roles and across the organisation," explains Elanor Jovanovic, Global Lead Competence Assurance Programme.


"It supports individuals in building the right skills and attitudes to do an excellent job. The programme is essential in helping us achieve our goal of top quartile performance in both production and safety,” she concludes.

Every day Maersk Oil operated facilities are home to 751 wells and produce on average 529 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day*.


These facilities are made up of tens of millions of parts of complex equipment. They require specialised equipment and millions of hours of skilled resources to operate, inspect and maintain, all with appropriate procedures. These elements must work safely and efficiently together in isolated locations, through variable weather, and unexpected disruptions, 24/7.


How do you pull together such a vast operation to ensure we are still providing value in the current market? Operations Excellence is how - a goal that we continuously work towards to safely and efficiently create the most value from our assets.

Graeme Mackie explains, “To achieve Operations Excellence we must start with the basics; competent people, structured activity execution and a learning culture working in unison to deliver the right business results. With these three components working together, we can deliver our operations objectives, meet our business priorities and uphold the reputation of Maersk Oil.”


“Beyond the basics, to achieve true Operations Excellence, we must continuously improve and efficiently optimise all aspects of our work."


*as of July 2016